Payroll service in Germany

We are Gerway Resources, a label of Bedrijf in Duitsland UG. We relieve companies throughout Europe of anything related to human resources in Germany. From recruitment to salary administration and full-service payroll accounting, we are well-versed with these matters. Our many years of experience in personnel matters and knowledge of the German staff and temporary-employment sector make us specialists in this field.

Full-service Payroll and Employment Agency

Our company is located in Germany. We have a German employment-agency license i.e., Erlaubnis zur Arbeitnehmerüberlassung, also known as AÜG. This allows us to serve you as a German employment agency. In addition, we support many foreign companies with our full-service payroll accounting in Germany.

This in combination with our possibilities for recruitment of personnel such as German and international staff means that we can relieve you entirely of all your personnel matters.

 From freelancers to large organisations

If you, as a company, are looking for European staff for your company in Germany, they can work for your company through our temporary employment agency. We can also provide new assignments and connections for people starting out on the job market and self-employed persons without personnel through our temporary employment agency and channels. We moreover offer the possibility of various administrative tools for e.g. a work permit in Germany, invoicing and a creditworthiness check.

In short: no matter how big or small your company is, no matter how complex your need or situation would be: we can help you and provide you with the right and relevant information regarding personnel matters in Germany.

Getting acquainted:

We would like to get to know you as a company and your staffing needs in Germany. A specific plan of action can be set up by discussing and sparring about the possibilities to fulfil your needs, free of engagement.

We work closely and personally together with our clients, as we believe this is the way to achieve the best results.

We can communicate with you in German, English and in Dutch.